March 30, 2022

A New Journey Begins…

Tim Georgi

Just a creative. Former Disneyland CM & web guy. Artist, writer, designer, photographer, anime fanatic, infrequent DJ, VA newbie, general slacker. Not necessarily in that order.

I’ve pondered for years the possibility of working toward becoming a voice actor. I’ve investigated classes with some of the best VAs in the anime industry. I had a couple of acting classes a few years ago when I was working on a Technical Theatre degree (before full-time work took me away from it…) and I think I was a decent actor… I just need to avoid Shakespeare…

With that, I just finished the most excellent Online Acting Workshop with the fabulous Sonny Strait – artist, voice actor, and director extraordinaire – and his engineer Lawrence Brenner. It was a fun class with some great fellow students. It was a small class, and we all were relatively new to acting, so we got a lot of great experience from the activities Sonny had for us.  It was a great place to start. Now I just need to keep working on it. Personally, I need to work on doing some vocal and breathing exercises. With my lung capacity issues after my Death and Rebirth™, I know I need to work hard to overcome that deficiency. Just need to get practicing and see where I can take this. I’d love to get this to a place where I can start getting invites to conventions… How’s that for a goal? Onward and upward!

Thanks for a wonderful weekend of acting, advice, and information, Sonny! It was a great place to start. #JustGettinStarted #TimeToPractice


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