April 1, 2014

Workin’ my way back…

Tim Georgi

Just a creative. Former Disneyland CM & Elfquest.com web guy. Artist, writer, designer, photographer, anime fanatic, infrequent DJ, VA newbie, general slacker. Not necessarily in that order.

Happy April Fool’s Day all.  Just getting that out of the way. 🙂

I’m finally starting to work back into artstuffs. It’s been a rough road through 2013 and into 2014, but I’m hoping that things start working a bit better artistically. Here’s some of what’s been going on in my world…

To get me going again, I finally got my colors on the wonderful Robyn Hood art by Dan Oliveira done. I started on that back in November and then the holiday funk took over and I never got back to it until last week. It was good to get something done. Wasn’t any new drawing art, but it’s a start. It’s hard when you’re a slacker, so I have to find ways to force myself to do things. Work in progress.

I tweaked the print layouts for my first volume of Beyond Neverwonder and placed a short order with Ka-Blam! I have to say that I miss Comixpress. Their quality was wonderful for short run color stuff.  I’m hoping that the Ka-Blam! prints are just as good. I’ll be cool to see that in print again.

I got my bedroom redesigned so that art would be easier to do. My art table wasn’t in a good place and was covered in computer equipment before, so now it’s more in the open and will hopefully be easier to use.

I also found a few great drawing books by the excellent Tom Bancroft, "Creating Characters with Personality“ and ”Character Mentor,“ that will hopefully help with some practice. Also picked up ”Making Faces“ by 8fish.  I’m bad at practicing drawing, so that’s definitely a work in progress.

And finally, WonderCon Anaheim is coming up here in a few weeks.  Can’t WAIT to get out there and see all the wonderful stuff and hear words of wisdom and insanity from the comics elite.

Hoping for April to be a good artistic month.  🙂


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