July 15, 2014

Twilight Sparkle: Cowgirl

Tim Georgi

Just a creative. Former Disneyland CM & Elfquest.com web guy. Artist, writer, designer, photographer, anime fanatic, infrequent DJ, VA newbie, general slacker. Not necessarily in that order.

The most excellent tombancroft1 posted one of his latest pieces on deviantArt, a coolie cowgirl, and he’s let us all have at it for coloring, so as the first thing after my DMCA-induced break, this is a good place to get back into things. For some reason, when I first saw this, I got Twilight Sparkle in my mind when I started coloring… It was a strange morning when I started this, but I think it turned out rather well. Had a bunch of fun on it.

Thanks for the great art, Tom!

Larger version is here.

Art by Tom Bancroft

Colors by Tim Georgi


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