Throwback Thursday: Oh Sparky, it’s only you.

How’s this for a twist on a kid’s traditional scary situation? ¬†Scary thing under the bed? Don’t worry. Sparky will take care of it!

My younger brother Eric drew the black and white art for this like 25 years ago when he was still in like 6th or 7th grade. I’d been meaning to scan it in and color it for the LONGEST time, when my mom stumbled across the drawing in the closet. I finally scanned it in and got to work on it. I had to do a few things to the drawing after the scan. My sister’s dog took the liberty of chewing on the scrolled up drawing at some point in time, so there was a bunch of re-construction that needed to be done where the dog had chewed through the paper. Also, one thing that Eric left out of the original drawing was the boy on the bed who would have said the title line “Oh Sparky, it’s only you.” I fixed all the chewed portions and then I drew the boy and placed him in the image before coloring it. It’s been one of the most imaginative drawings that Eric has done, so it was great to finally get it finished up and colored. I think it turned out rather well.