Calling all Carol Corps members!

My Happy, Go Lucky Captain Marvel design is available on for $14.00 for the next 72-ish hours! Now is the time to pick this guy up! Click on the image above or the link:

Bring it!

It’s the first real drawing I’ve done since all my health fun started in September, but it’s a good reason to do something. Always remember, the pen(cil) is mightier. Bring it on. #JeSuisCharlie Drawn on the iPad in the Paper app.


comicartistevolution: bendiswordsforpictures: KEVIN SMITH: It costs nothing to encourage an artist This is awesome. Truth. Encourage an artist today. Thanks, Kevin!

Phase 3

Yes, Marvel announced the “Unknown” projects on the Marvel Cinematic timeline today. I’m excited for everything that’s on the list that they announced today, but I have to say that these two are the ones I’m really excited to see. Guardians of the Galaxy 2, just...

[009] A Female Awakening

This should have been the comic for the week that I ended up in the Emergency Room and had my near-death experience. It's late, but I’m glad that I’m still alive to post it! Things are going to be a bit slow as I recover though, so the next page may take a bit to come...

Emma: Work In Progress

Late last night, artist Randy Kintz posted a coolie line art piece of Emma Frost. Threw it on the top of my coloring queue and this is the progress so far. Can’t wait for this one to be done. EDIT: After some thoughts and comments from Randy, I’ve finally had a chance...

Society6 iPhone 6 Cover Sale!

Society6 is celebrating the impending release of the new iPhone with a nice sale! Pre-order your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus covers now and save! Add on some FREE shipping and it’s a total win! You can get to my stuff from my promo link:...

[008] A Shocking Change

If you’ve been paying attention, you saw this coming. Kit has a shocking experience that changes a few things. Moral of the story? Don’t disrespect the shrine of a goddess that likes to shapeshift. You may end up having some personal problems.

Tink, Tink, Tink…

Finally finished up the color version of my Tinker Bell drawing. Did it a bit more paint-ish this time around. Gotta love Tink! The eyes are still bugging' me, though. I'll have to look at fixing those sometime. Enjoy!