April 10, 2014

Tim Georgi

Just a creative. Former Disneyland CM & Elfquest.com web guy. Artist, writer, designer, photographer, anime fanatic, infrequent DJ, VA newbie, general slacker. Not necessarily in that order.

Amazon to buy comiXology…

I started seeing all the tweets about this on my way to the airport. (On my way to McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, heading home from the NABShow…)

I’m still not sure how I feel about this yet. With the lack of good comic book shops close to me (read: within 30 miles of my house), I have been reading most of my comics on comiXology, primarily on my iPad. With Amazon’s stance of “we refuse to pay Apple their 30% blood money” for in-app purchases with, like, the Kindle app, will they pull the same thing with comiXology? I personally like being able to buy this stuff with my Apple ID on my iPhone or iPad… Dunno. I guess it’s all the same thing in the end (whether it’s a saved credit card with Amazon or a saved credit card with Apple), but I worry that it could get funky. I’ve never been a fan on comics on the Kindle Fire. They seem a bit clunky. I like how nice they are on the iPad. I just hope that nothing bad happens as a result of this move.


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